A wide range of high-quality plastic containers.
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Exclusive production

We offer the development and production of unique plastic packaging that meets your individual needs.

Our work process includes design development, preparing of plastic packaging drawings and 3D models, as well as support in manufacturing of a mold and release of finished plastic containers/packaging.

Our professional designers will develop for you a new design of a polyethylene canister, bottle or lid that fully meets your needs. We pay attention to all technical specifications such as density, volume, wall thickness, weight, etc. to achieve optimal results.

All our plastic packaging meets the requirements of Ukrainian and European legislation and has certificates of conformity.

We use high density polyethylene (HDPE)of the best quality and the method of multi-layer coextrusion (COEX) in the production of plastic canisters.

Our packaging is designed for storage and transportation of various types of goods, including food, medical and chemical products. We develop exclusive plastic packaging for various industries, regardless of the type of substance being packaged – liquid or solids.

Our technologists, designers and sales managers are involved in the development of your project, which guarantees the quality and timeliness of our work at all stages.

Our team is ready to help you to increase the level of recognition of your products on the market by using a modern and exclusive plastic packaging

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