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Quality control laboratory: ensuring the highest standards

We pay special attention to the quality control of plastic canisters, as its critically important for the reliability and safety of your products.

Our quality control laboratory is a place where we use state-of-the-art technology and perform rigorous testing on every canister.

Stage 1: Sampling

The first step in quality control is to select samples of canisters from the batch. Samples are selected randomly to ensure objective and representative measurements.

Stage 2: Visual inspection

Each canister is visually inspected for defects such as cracks, air bubbles, irregularities, and other defects. Compliance with design and labeling is also checked at this stage.

Stage 3: Physical properties

The next step is to measure the physical properties of the canisters, such as density, volume, wall thickness, and temperature resistance. This helps ensure that each canister meets the specified standards.

Stage 4: Chemical analysis

If necessary, chemical analysis of the canister material for the content of harmful substances and compliance with safety requirements is carried out.

Stage 5: Strength testing

An important step is the strength and pressure test. Each canister is tested to determine its ability to withstand various loads and transportation conditions.

Stage 6: Final analysis

In the end, all the data obtained is analyzed, and each canister receives a quality passport. Only products that have successfully passed all the above stages are sent to the warehouse for further shipment to customers.

Our quality control laboratory is a guarantee that every plastic canister we produce meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We are committed to providing your products with safe and reliable packaging for your needs.

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